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What kinds of flower POTS can be divided into according to the material?


What kinds of flower POTS can be divided into according to the material? So let's break it down for you.

Flower POTS come in many shapes and sizes. Flower producers or gardeners can choose flowerpots according to the characteristics and needs of flowers and flowerpots. Here are some common flower POTS.

Fiberglass flowerpot: also known as FRP flowerpot, the texture is made of clay sculpture or open mold. Various styles, strong and durable, no deformation, corrosion resistance. Complete specifications. The surface can do a variety of color effects.

Sandstone flower pot: This pot is made of fine sandstone carving, a variety of colors, is a good material inside the flower pot, the surface can do effect.

GRC cement flowerpot: This flowerpot is bulky. The cement in the flower pot is added with anticorrosive, frozen, corrosion-like materials and fiber cloth, which is strong and durable. The surface effect can be made into real stone paint effect, etc.

Magnesite flowerpot: Mix magnesium oxide and brine, add modifier, and spread the mixed slurry on the glass mesh cloth to make the needed flowerpot. The flower pot is cheap and has various styles. Strong and durable. The interior decoration is perfect.

Earthen basin: also known as mud basin, vegetarian pot. This basin is made of clay, red and gray two kinds, good drainage and breathable performance, low price, complete specifications, suitable for family flower.

Purple sand basin: also known as pottery basin. Exquisite production, simple and generous, mostly purple, complete specifications, but its water permeability, breathable performance is not as good as tile basin. It is used for planting moisture-loving flowers and trees, and can also be used as a pot.

Porcelain basin: made of porcelain mud, coated with colored glaze. The process is perfect, clean and elegant, and the shape is beautiful. The disadvantage is poor drainage breathability. Often used as a set of earthen POTS, used to decorate the room or display flowers.

Glazed pottery basin: Coated with colorful glazes on the pottery basin, beautiful appearance, diverse forms. Inside and outside glazed pottery basin drainage permeability is poor, equal to inside and outside more than a layer of glass. There is also a ceramic basin only glazed on the outer wall. Because the inner wall is unglazed, the essence of the ceramic basin is maintained. It is both beautiful in appearance and internal hydrophobic and breathable, which is more suitable for long-term placement and planting.

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