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How to choose cosmetics storage box?


How to choose cosmetics storage box?

1. Determine the use environment of the cosmetics storage box first. Paper jewelry boxes are cheaper, but not durable enough to wear out in a few months or even a few days, so it is best to buy Leather Plastic Handle Large Jewelry Box with Mirror Display or glass cosmetics storage boxes, not only waterproof, anti-corrosion, but also durable.

2. Determine how much cosmetics you need to store. The size of beautiful cosmetics storage box varies greatly. Before purchasing, be sure to check what you need to store, so as to determine the required size of the storage box. In this way, you can avoid buying too large or too small cosmetics storage box, so as to buy your own cosmetics storage box.

3. Look at the storage function of cosmetic storage box.

(1), see whether there is a paper extraction function.
Now there is a popular cosmetic storage box with side paper extraction function, it is very convenient for makeup, and can be used as a reference standard when choosing.

(2), see whether it has drawer function.
There are drawers to store small mirrors, eyeliner, jewelry, etc., so it is necessary to have drawers.

(3), see whether there is a mirror function.
Many cosmetic storage boxes now have a mirror function, or more practical.

In short, we must pay attention to the selection of cosmetic storage box, do not be deceived by businesses, and when choosing cosmetic storage box, we must pay attention to the size, to suit our own use, otherwise it will occupy space, thus affecting the overall beauty of the room.