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As an old factory operating for almost 20 years, JENNIFER'S MFG.LTD.,HAIYAN have rich experience in production of high-quality velvet jewelry boxes. The velvet fluff or pile loop stands closely, with the characteristics of luster, wear resistance and fastness to fading. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the products, we can accurately guarantee the delivery time and provide customers with the best after-sales service.Choosing us will be the most correct decision you have made. First of all, 80% of the workers in our factory have more than 5 years of work experience, effectively ensuring the high quality of products. After completing the product, we will also carry out a number of quality inspections on the product. First, the production team sends quality inspectors to conduct 100% quality inspection. When the product is packaged, we will arrange the quality inspector to inspect it again. Before the final delivery, we will ask our business department to conduct a spot check on the products again, and once problems are found, they will be comprehensively handled.
The velvet jewelry box is the best gifts for women. If there’s a woman in your life that loves jewelry, then this jewelry box is the perfect gift for her. Our jewelry boxes are perfectly packaged for gifting and make the best gifts for your jewelry-loving friends & loved ones.The products use luxurious velvet finish which made from high quality textured velvet material for a soft and luxurious feel. If you use the products, there will no more annoying knots and tangles.This product can keep your jewelry organized and prevent your necklaces from tangling. Except that, it is  perfect for safekeeping and organizing your favorite jewelry wherever you go. Whatever, you will never lose your jewelry ever again or scatter jewelry in every corner of the house. Velvet jewelry boxes can be customized according to customer needs. For example, when traveling, we can provide customers with small and convenient jewelry boxes. When it is necessary to store jewelry at home, we provide multi-layer jewelry boxes with extra large space to store a variety of jewelry. When proposing or giving gifts, we make the jewelry box into a jewelry box that can only store single jewelry to meet customer needs. Velvet jewelry box is a kind of product that emphasizes luxurious appearance and comfortable and soft feel. Customers will experience a pleasant feeling when using. In addition to the luxurious appearance, the interior of the jewelry box is also made of the same velvet material. The jewelry box is lined with soft fabric to protect the jewelry from tarnish and scratches. The fabric feels comfortable and fine. Holding it in your hand is like touching soft fluff. The whole jewelry box does not contain heavy metal coating, and uses mature and advanced heat transfer and hot stamping technology to provide strict management services for customers.
Off line and online, we already have a lot of cooperative customers. We can provide the certificates required by customers, reasonable quotations and perfect pre-sale and after-sales services. Off line and online, we already have a lot of cooperative customers. We can provide the certificates required by customers, reasonable quotations and perfect pre-sale and after-sales services. Before sales, we will introduce products and guide sales for customers according to their needs. During the sale, we will actively respond to the questions raised by customers and arrange orders for customers. When the delivery is completed, we will also provide active after-sales service. Including follow-up regular return visits to customers, product installation and use introduction, product after-sales treatment and other issues. Cooperating with us, we can provide high-quality goods and perfect after-sales service to ensure that every customer has a perfect shopping experience. 
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Round brown velvet jewelry box for Necklace Earrings Rings

Round brown velvet jewelry box for Necklace Earrings Rings

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Jennifer's Round brown velvet jewelry box for Necklace Earrings Rings. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing. We offer service support that is second to none.

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Jennifer's has been producing Velvet Jewelry Box for many years and is one of the professional high quality Velvet Jewelry Box manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you are interested in our products, you can not only have discounts but also buy them at the cheap price. We warmly welcome you to wholesale products from our us. We will provide you free sample.
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